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Soviet Union (CCCP) 1988 World Cup Retro Shirt

Soviet Union (CCCP) 1988 World Cup Retro ShirtSoviet Union (CCCP) 1988 World Cup Retro ShirtAfter failing to qualify for all three of the European Football Championship from 1976-1984, the Soviets managed to qualify for the 1988 competition – which evidentily became the last time the Soviet Union national team took part. The finals were held in West Germany and out of the eight teams participating, Soviet reached the semi-finals as leaders of their group above the Netherlands. There, the Soviets defeated Italy 2-0 and went on to play the Netherlands in the final which they unfortunately lost. This was the third time the Soviet Union finished second in the European Championship, the other two tournaments being in 1964 and 1972.


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