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Poland 1970s Red Retro Football Shirt

Poland 1970s Red Retro Football ShirtPoland 1970s Red Retro Football Shirt. This is the shirt made famous by Lubanski, Lato, Deyna and ‘the Clown’ at Wembley in 1973. Before the game Deyna was asked by a journalist whether he felt fearful because Poland had never beaten England at Wembley replied ‘Ah yes, but we don’t have to win’. And, accordingly, the Poles drew the match and qualified for Germany where they distinguished themselves, taking a deserved third place. But it’s this shirt which Poles hold dear; this shirt that got them to Germany in the first place. Goalkeep hero Jan Tomaszewski had infamously been labelled a ‘clown’ by Brian Clough before the qualifier against England.


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