Juventus 1900 Pink Retro Football Shirt

Juventus 1900 Pink Retro Football Shirt
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Juventus 1900 Pink Retro Football Shirt. Juventus originally played in pink shirts with a black tie, which only occurred due to the wrong shirts being sent to them, the father of one of the players made the earliest shirts, but continual washing faded the colour so much that in 1903 the club sought to replace them. Juventus asked one of their team members, Englishman John Savage, if he had any contacts in England who could supply new shirts in a colour that would better withstand the elements. He had a friend who lived in Nottingham, who being a Notts County supporter, shipped out the black and white striped shirts to Turin. Juve have worn the shirts ever since, considering the colours to be aggressive and powerful.


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