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Ambrosiana 1928 Retro Football Shirt

Ambrosiana 1928 Retro Football Shirt
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Ambrosiana SS 1928 Retro Football Shirt. During the Fascist era, the name “Internazionale” was not looked upon kindly. In the season 1928-29, the club played as Ambrosiana, wearing white shirts emblazoned with a red cross, but the shirts came back to the classic black and blue already in 1929-30. In 1932, the club was permitted to append its old moniker, and was known as Ambrosiana-Inter. Finally in 1945, after the World War, the club reverted to its original name, Internazionale. The names of Inter’s players that played in this shirt include: Meazza, Allemandi, Castellazzi and Serantoni.


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