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Last year we sold around 10,000 football magazines to collectors, gift buyers, researchers, scrape bookers, former players family members and even museums. This represents the time and effort put in to check each magazine we sell. We try to check every page of every magazine to filter out magazines with missing pages, scribble, folds and other damage. Naturally common sense has to be applied as we are talking about second-hand items. We ease our quality requirement based on the rarity of the magazine but in general all should be readable and complete. We aim to include rare and unusual football programmes from around the world. This does not mean all these will be high prices, some might just be hard to get but because these are also less sort after they are not a high cost. Our aim here is to help the football programme collector and, as they will know, filling a gap in a collection is the greatest thrill, be that a £500 purchase or a £1 football programme. Similar to our programmes this section is aimed at collectors but also football tickets make very good gifts as they are small and easy to frame, perhaps with an image of a cup final win, football team or football hero. A great deal of clubs now issue personal swipe cards and so tickets are not what they used to be. For this reason the old football tickets are being collected more then they were say..ten years ago.
England 1966 World Cup Winners Memorabilia