Facebook Football Memorabilia

It’s recently come to our attention that a similar name to our trading name is being used as a Facebook page by someone other then us. Our Facebook page suffers from our old trading name and Facebook won’t let us change it. So to try and prevent any further confusion we have created a new… Continue reading

Site Info Update

We have a little holiday off at the moment, so the next day we can send out orders is 20th Oct. This is only 5 working days & well within our site terms. When we come back we’ll be making some changes to the site and adding some new stock. As we new this we… Continue reading

The 1966 World Cup Final

Initially, I am rather ashamed to admit, I was reluctant to commit, wouldn’t I be better watching the game on TV? A rather small TV by todays standards and definitely of the black and white variety but in those far off days you didn’t get many live matches and this was one of them to… Continue reading

Play Fantasy Football Manger

I’ve created a league in Fantasy Premier League called Football Memorabilia Folk. Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use this link and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/41044/join/?autojoin-code=142453-41044. You shouldn’t need the league code, but just in case here it is: 142453-41044. Enjoy the game! Matchday Memories.Com